Escape With Virgin Limited Edition

These days, the notion of privacy seems more often like it is more found in fleeting moments rather than it is found to be a consistent staple. With the way our moods and behaviors are able to be instantaneously and publicly broadcast, and the way our personal lives are neverendingly exposed, examined and shared, the desire for retreat and escape become much more relevant.

If the inclination to withdraw slightly from the hustle and bustle — whether simply for relaxation, or to experience an event more exclusive than modern society often allows for — appeals to you, allow us to introduce to you the potential of two different locales in the British Virgin Islands. At both Necker Island and Moskito Island, an individualized experience off the map from mainstream society can be actualized.

Necker Island

Think utmost intimacy when you think of Necker Island. This 74-acre property is one of several of the British Virgin Islands that are included under owner Sir Richard Branson’s collection of luxury locales, known comprehensively as the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio. With a maximum occupancy of just 34 individuals, you can be sure that a getaway to Necker Island will remain highly confidential and personal.

Necker is most frequently booked for elite destination weddings. Beginning with the wedding of Richard Branson himself, a number of well-to-do couples have since celebrated nuptials here. Guests enjoy the ability to customize every aspect of the ceremony. Some prefer to tie the knot with toes in the sand on Turtle Beach, whereas others overlook an unbeatable view from The Grand House Southern Terrace.

When it comes to the reception, options are just as unique and individualized. Tiki themed beach celebrations and Great House gala dinner parties are just a couple of the numerous possibilities. While the island only sleeps 34, for weddings with a larger guest list, the potential to rent out neighboring islands within the Virgin Limited Edition network is a way to ensure that everyone special to the couple is able to experience this joyous occasion.

Once the wedding festivities have ended, guests will be able to delight in the fact that Necker Island offers a multitude of other draws. Spa services are enjoyed by those who find relaxation to be the top priority. For those unable to simply be still, a myriad of adventurous activities are possible. Kite surfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tennis, zip-lining and volleyball are all able to be accommodated during a stay at Necker Island.

Moskito Island

Moskito Island is another property included in the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio, surrounded by the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Whereas Necker Island highly emphasizes destination weddings, Moskito is more built to support recreational vacations for parties of up to 22. What better way to elude life’s everyday pressures than to experience a balance of relaxation and adventure with those who mean most to you.

Each morning, visitors can connect with an island specialist to coordinate dozens of different activities. For the outdoor enthusiasts seeking land activities, hiking, mountain biking, golf and tennis are all available. For those more inclined towards water based pursuits, think kayaking, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding and more.

For those desiring a pure and holistic wellness experience, one can fly in a trusted team of wellness experts, or simply utilize the spa services provided by Moskito Island. Refueling is no doubt necessary as well. Enjoy culinary creations custom crafted by the team of chefs at Moskito Island. You can decide your own menu or allow them to surprise you. Menus can even be customized to fit in with an overall theme. If you have always dreamed of living in a Great Gatsby reality, a James Bond scenario or love the idea of a white party, all of these are options and more can be tailored into your event.

Branson, noted for his philanthropic tendencies among other accomplishments, is highly attentive to the effects of unsustainable practice. Therefore, the Branson Estate on Moskito Island has been designed with careful consideration of the island’s environment. The Great Room, on the upper level of Headland House is illuminated with insulated sky lights, minimizing the use of energy throughout the day. To conserve and protect the existing trees, mangroves, the dwarf gecko habitat and the three villas are set on piers, connected via elevated bridges.  The bridges connect the villas amongst the existing canopies so that one walks amongst the tree branches.

If you are feeling as though you have been bitten by the travel bug, and either Necker Island or Moskito Island lend themselves to the vision you have for your next milestone celebration, contact Paper & Diamond to learn more about how we can turn your event into reality.