SKINNEY Medspa’s Age Defying Oasis

In a society primed to expect convenience in all realms and regards, we are no strangers to our beauty treatments being a one stop shop so to speak, with the ability to have our brows shaped, a pedicure and a blowout all taken care of in one place.

Imagine this going a step further. Now, in addition to your cut and color, what if you could also experience the Vampire Facelift, receive dermal filler injections or undergo a cellulite zapping treatment as well?

Finding a different trusted resource for all of your beauty and wellness needs may seem like a daunting task. The colorist who knows your exact shade of blonde is not to be taken for granted, nor is a highly professional and medically trained staff to guide you through more complex cosmetic procedures. How is it possible for these to all coexist in the same place?

Understanding concepts of convenience as well as an unmatched level of service was the basis for the creation of SKINNEY Medspa, the brainchild of sisters Adriana and Marisa Martino. This team of aestheticians has partnered with certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, and New York salon space Warren Tricomi, to result in a single destination where everything from laser hair removal to CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedures are part of the service menu.

Recently, Adriana and Marisa invited Paper & Diamond’s very own wellness director Elaine Waksman to stop by for a chat, as well as the chance to experience some of their premier spa services. She shares her experience.

"As I stepped into the age defying oasis, I was greeted by beauty everywhere, executed within a calming and clean white space."

Marisa and Adriana owners of SKINNEY Medspa exude natural beauty and a welcoming heart. Marisa graciously invited me to try one of their signature face and beauty treatments, Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing. As the name would suggest, resurfacing or restoring the skin is a key element in defying the signs of aging.

I laid down on a table as Marisa covered my eyes with goggles and gently encouraged me to relax. In order to experience the full sense of the treatment, I opted out of a face-numbing gel that is one of the treatment’s options.

For approximately ten minutes, I felt a sensation of what seemed like tiny needles poking my skin. After the treatment and throughout the day, this sensation gave way to a feeling akin to sunburn. I anxiously monitored my results day by day. On the fifth day post-treatment, the wow factor was very evident. My face looked and felt like I had a mini facelift, with an added compliment of acne scar removal, a more even skin tone and fresh new color!

It has now been two weeks, and I must say I have been enjoying the numerous times I have been complimented on how fresh, glowing and rejuvenated my skin appears.”

Beyond this Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatment Elaine experienced, she inquired about additional aspects of SKINNEY Medspa.

P&D: Can you share a bit about yourselves and how the vision for SKINNEY Medspa came about? 
Marisa: Adriana and I moved to New York from Orlando, Florida in 2005. We always had a vision for an anti-aging facility where we utilized top technologies from all industries in relation to our passion for all things beauty. After schooling in NYC, we then began to work under doctors and medical spas where we received our training an experience. We started SKINNEY Medspa in 2009, and were fortunate to experience amazing growth. We partnered with Warren Tricomi in 2012, and built our flagship location on 19th and Fifth Ave, with a second location to follow at The Shops at the Plaza Hotel. It’s a perfect collaboration for us! We love how clients can get their eyebrows done, a blow out, and then CoolSculpting or Botox.

P&D: What sets you apart from your competitors and other medical spas out there? 
Marisa: Technology. We have all of the industry’s top technology for skin-tightening muscles, shrinking fat cells, painless hair removal, dark spot reduction – you name it, but the list goes on!

P&D: What are some of the most popular treatments that your clients come in for?
Marisa: We launched CoolSculpting in 2012, and it has quickly become our most popular procedure. We utilize dual modalities and a Venus freeze radio frequency. This combination produces superior results compared to any other med spa.

P&D: What advice can you offer for women preparing for a high society function such as a wedding, destination event or other “red carpet ready” occasion? Are there treatments that are an absolute MUST? 
Marisa: I love our high-tech facials at SKINNEY Medspa. We incorporate a pharmaceutical grade glycolic peel to dissolve impurities and dead skin cells, and use an LED mask to stimulate collagen to give skin a glow. High-frequency modalities help lift and tighten the skin. This is the perfect combination to get your skin glowing before any debut.

P&D: In terms of facial therapies such as micro-needling, hydra-facials, oxygen facials, no down time lasers — which of these do you provide to help get glowing skin, and which do you find to be most popular? 
Marisa: Our high-tech facials incorporate all of that! I also love our photo facial, because it takes 15 minutes and helps remove dark spots and redness with no downtime.

P&D: And, how about top treatments to help the body appear firmed and toned, for example, our destination brides who need a little tightening in those tougher areas? 
Marisa: I am obsessed with doing Venus freeze, our radio frequency technology that helps shrink fat cells. Results are immediate, and there’s no down time to get right into a bikini after. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite as well, so it is great for the front and back of your legs.

P&D: How about your male clientele? What treatments are popular for men? 
Marisa: The past few years have seen more men coming in to SKINNEY Medspa – for everything from CoolSculpting to laser hair removal, and even laser resurfacing for scarring on their face and more.

P&D: As avid global travelers, are there any countries which inspire treatments? Are there specific regions on the cutting edge of medical spa technology? 
Marisa: Of course, Brazil is always a place where beauty sees cutting-edge treatments and technologies. They are known for being early-adopters of new technologies that others have not yet tried. France has also always been a big influence for me; the French really know how to pamper skin.

For help getting camera ready for your next big event, Skinney Medspa has two locations in New York you can visit:

Flatiron 19th and 4th
125 5th Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10003
(212) 754-6639

Shops at the Plaza Hotel
1 W 58th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10019
(212) 371-1200

And, for all other aspects of your important occasion, trust Paper & Diamond with the envisioning and execution.