Talking Beauty With Global Expert Elena Frickman

When you consider a global perspective on fashion, different geographic areas have their different connotations. Italy is renowned for quality leathers. From French women, we see an effortless elegance and chic way of combining pieces. Japan is a leader in gorgeous deconstructionism, and the stiletto originated with Manolo Blahnik in Spain.

The beauty sector exists in much the same way, whether we recognize it or not. Successful makeup artist Elena Frickman has spent her lifetime traveling to observe and catalog these discrepancies. There is the flashy commercialism of Los Angeles; the elegance of matte colors and advanced techniques from London; the fresh, rosy naturalness of the French.

In addition to this global perspective, Elena is a graduate of the Master Artistry Program from California’s Makeup Design School. Over the last seven years, she has honed her skills by leading makeup application for television, film, fashion, editorial and red carpet. From print publications to digital video, her work has spanned a variety of prestigious mediums.

Recently, Paper & Diamond fortunate enough to spend the day with the sought after Elena Frickman, witnessing the depths of her expertise and learning more about what makes her craft unique. Join us as we take you through some of her tips and tidbits.

P&D: Where does your inspiration come from? 
Elena: Born and raised in Ukraine, one of my favorite hobbies was watching runway shows on television to see the huge fashion influence of European designers such as Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada and John Galliano.

P&D: How did this translate into your desire to become a makeup artist? 
Elena: From an early age, I understood how important wardrobe, hair and makeup were in communicating something about that person. These elements convey more than just beauty – they convey personality and inner strength.

P&D: Paper & Diamond works extensively with brides, particularly those opting for destination weddings. What insight do you have for destination brides in terms of their beauty look for their special day? 
Elena: Be certain the makeup artist you choose uses tools that are completely clean and sanitized. A breakout is the last thing a bride wants on her wedding day. Personally I ensure all of my brushes are sanitized with a medical strength sterilization process. You also will want to be sure your makeup artist has a great team that can handle your bridal party if applicable. Ask plenty of questions, and bring pictures for reference in order to help the artist understand the look you are going for.

P&D: Can you take us through the process of preparing the skin to get dolled up for an event or occasion? 
Elena: First, it is important to remember that for camera purposes, whether wedding photos or a television appearance, makeup will need to be brighter than your everyday look may be. That being said, this does not mean you need heavy coverage. I try to use products that feel light as air, so a woman will not feel like she is wearing anything. With pigmented products, a little goes a long way.

Also, skin preparation is the most important part of makeup application, to keep makeup on throughout the entire day while controlling oils. I like to start with spraying rose water on a clean face, then using a piece of ice to moisturize the skin and close pores. My next step is to moisturize, which I cannot stress the importance of enough. A primer will seal in the moisture and allow foundation to glide on easily. From here, you have a great base for moving on to the rest of the face.

P&D: What are some of your favorite products? 
Elena: In general, some of the best brands I always trust are Dior, Giorgio Armani, Hourglass, Chanel, Make Up Forever, Laura Mercier, RCMA and NARS. For a touch of blush, my go-to is Chanel Joues Contraste powder in Rose Petale and Malice, because when applied high on the cheekbone or near the eyes, it lifts and softens the face for a youthful look. Lipsticks need to be pigmented and long lasting; MAC and Make Up Forever are great choices here. Dior Airflash is one of my favorite primers. It leaves an incredibly beautiful healthy finish that will allow you to see how luminous your skin looks. Remember that for a wedding, it is important that your look is waterproof. Great waterproof mascaras that I love an trust are Make Up Forever Aqua Color and Tom Ford.

While Elena is a Los Angeles based makeup artist, dedicating her time to making Hollywood’s most glamorous and beautiful look their absolute best, she is no stranger to traveling to a wide variety of global locales depending on where her bookings take her. Should you find yourself approaching a destination wedding or other upcoming event, it may be time to experience firsthand the incredible talent delivered by Elena. As we assist you in coordinating every step of the way, this is just one of the many elements that can be contained in your custom occasion by Paper & Diamond. You can find out more here.