Experience luxury travel to the fullest extent by actively engaging all five senses. We are leading experts in the luxury travel arena, able to advise and coordinate travel to the world's hidden gems, all designed to provide an expanded palette of experiences that illuminate the senses. Affirming and celebrating every client's distinct business and personal needs, we deliver a bespoke service unattainable if not orchestrated by experts such as ourselves, truly immersed in the world of luxury travel.  

Partnering with renowned experts in the health and wellness arena, Paper & Diamond curates highly personalized and sensory journeys, with an emphasis on holistic and Ayurvedic practices. Designed to awaken mind, body and soul, these retreats offer an escape into comprehensive therapeutic and cultural practices, while being entirely in tune to the goals and needs the client desires to accomplish.  

Life’s milestones deserve to be celebrated, and such occasions call for a dedicated team such as Paper & Diamond. We deeply understand the intricate approach required to create an extraordinary event that inspires the mind, body and spirit. Driven by your initial vision, we create experiences that are as unique as the destinations themselves. Our passionate team combines immaculate foresight, creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship, along with a portfolio of exceptional locations to create events beyond your highest expectations.